Strip Lubricator

SKI Stock Lubricator /Oiler increase the die life & makes die operation safer and more efficient. SKI Stock lubricator is suitably used for material with double side oiling at same time to prolong the service life of pressing tool.

Adjustable tension springs help to apply the right oil film by supplying enough pressure. Special micro adjusting oiling design to control oil volume SKI Strip Lubricator adopts high density cotton wool material with excellent anti-wearing and powerful oil absorbing design. The upper roller uses multiple nipples for different oil volume adjusting. Two slotted wing nuts allow for quick pass line height adjustment to suit different tools.

Features and Benefits

  • Oil can be supplied evenly and thinly to the upper and lower surfaces of the material, prolonging the life of your tools.
  • Strip Lubricator is equipped with two rollers, upper and lower. Oil can be precisely positioned on each part of your tool as required.
  • A filter screen is located in the oil supply reservoir allowing for re-use.
  • ABoth the upper and lower rollers are made of high quality and density felt.
  • Strip Lubricator can install in two minutes!
  • Aluminum alloy body and its surface is protected with a specialized treatment that is extremely durable.
  • A mounting bracket is included which is suitable for all installations.
  • Adjustable valves precisely control oil flow onto rollers, preventing over lubricating and waste of oil.
  • Optional electric pump and 2.6 gallon.
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