NC Servo Feeder / Servo Roll Feeder

The ultimate in Feeding Technology (NC Servo Feeder / Servo Roll Feeder) when you want Flexibility,accuracy, short set up time and high production performance.The pitch length is set up in few seconds. It can be fitted to any press mechanical or hydraulic for accurate feeding on progressive tools.

We are offering a wide range of SKI NC Servo Feeder / Servo Roll Feeder that is widely appreciated by our esteemed clients. These feeders have high performance brush less servo drive and low inertia brush less AC servo motor with high energy. Our range has adjustable mounting brackets with transition plate and jack screw for press line adjustment.

We are specialized in manufacturing a range of SKI NC Servo Feeder / Servo Roll Feeder that are suitable for coil of different materials. Designed using advanced technology; these NC Servo Feeder / Servo Roll Feeder are easy in operation, safe and stable. Available in different specifications, these can also be customized as per the requirements of clients.

System Features

  • High Performance brush-less Servo Drive (From International Source.
  • Low inertia, brush less AC Servo motor with high energy.
  • Precision incremental Optical Encoder (In built) to provide velocity & position loop feed back.
  • Easy-to-read solid state Interface Terminal display area with a backlit 4 line display, sealed membrane keypad with tactile feedback.
  • User Friendly Interface: The Interface Terminal directs the operator with clear, descriptive message in plain English. Pressing the Help Key While in different screens directs the operator with instructions on how to change parameters or look at information. Different modes off operation cab are selected as well as jogging forward or reverse in manual mode.
  • Batch counting: The operator chooses the number of parts to make and the Interface Terminal will display a message when the count is reached.
  • Advanced Feed-Angle Monitoring: Continually monitors the feed-angle and the material position.
  • Compact electronic Control Enclosure with built-in Operation Panel that can be easily adapted forpress mounting or used as a freestanding console.
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