SKI produces a very large range of motorized and non motorized De-coilers from 0, 1 to 3 tons capacity, in single or double version.

Their main features are

  • Extremely rigid and compact structure.
  • Simple operation.
  • Accurate unwinding.
  • Long-lasting life without service.
Strip Straightener

The adjustable centering arms expand to grip the inside diameter of a coil for a secure hold and balanced load.A convenient crank quickly changes the centering arm spread to adapt to various core sizes.A lead screw on each centering arm provides positive adjustment and material support. De-coilers are: motorized or with disc-brake, single or double. With a variable capacity from 500 kg up to 30.000 kg. Our de-coilers are made by an electro welded structure, self-centering jaws, hydraulic or manual expansion. The double de-coilers are equipped with a 180° rotating system.