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Pneumatic Feeder

SKI Precision Air/Pneumatic Feeders handle a variety of materials –Metal, Paper, fabric Plastic, foil, wire, tube etc. You ask it and SKI Feeders will feed it. SKI Air Feeds are so economical; many customers leave them permanently mounted to their tools.SKI Air Feeds Installation is simple SKI Pneumatic Feeder ensures a high number of cycle and maintenance free operation.


With an intense market research & practical experience in metal stamping based on regular market interaction. We have brought a range of Pneumatic Feeders to suit your exact requirement & application.


SKI made from special alloy aluminum & is developed in a modular way for automatic feeding of metallic & non metallic strips including paper, plastic, fiber, wires, tubing, and extruded material.. Selection of finest material, combined with strict quality control manufacturing, has resulted in most reliable air feeds for Indian Tough Condition.